Rocket Point of Sale software download. By clicking the download link below, you will be able to download the current version of the POS. You will need to email us for the password to install the POS. Email us at for the install password. You will also receive directions on how to install the POS as well as the password needed to do the install.

*Once the file is downloaded – unzip it by Right Clicking on the file called – once this is unzipped you will see a file called Setup.exe – double click on the file called Setup.exe and then follow the on screen instructions.

Rocket Point of Sale Software Download

This Download Will Run as a DEMO Until it is Unlocked

After a period of time and several warnings, your demo will cease to function. Un-installing and re-installing the demo will NOT get around this limit. Unlock codes are sent to you after you have paid for your license to run the software.

If you are upgrading – you will need to send us certain files so we may upgrade you. Within the NICKEL folder on your computer or server are several files you will need to send to us as an attachment –

They include SYSTEM.dbf, JPG.dbf, and NSI_*.dbf – if the NSI file is missing, there may be an additional charge to recreate it. The * part of the NSI file is your current serial number. DO NOT attempt an upgrade without your new unlock file – your system will cease to operate without the new unlock files.

Click Here for Link to Download Version 15

*Please allow at least 24 hours for us to generate the new unlock codes for you.

Rocket Point of Sale Software Upgrades

We STRONGLY suggest making a copy of the NICKEL folder before attempting an upgrade. By having a second copy of the NICKEL folder on your system, if the upgrade is NOT successful at least you can fall back to the previous version without any interruption.

If you are on a network, each network station will also need to be upgraded with the latest version.

If you have ordered previously through a POS dealer and you are happy with your dealer, we suggest ordering your upgrade through your dealer. They have been trained in switching you over to the newest version of the Rocket Point of Sale.


*IMPORTANT NOTICE  – Version 15 needs a password to install it. Email us at with your phone number so one of our support technicians can help walk you through the install. You will NOT be emailed the password. We will help you on your first install. Not that the setup is hard to do, it just must be done correctly the first time.