Version 15.00 Available Now. (28 megs)

Below are listed the new features of Version 15, and the existing features added to versions 12, 11 and 10 and also the new features of Version 9.0. Over the next few months we will be adding many more new and exciting features.

As soon as a new feature is ready, the download will be updated with the new feature. The new feature will be flagged as Ready. Many features below are complete and are currently in testing at various sites around the country and will be flagged as Ready as soon as testing is completed.

Items highlighted in Red are considered major new features.

New Features Released
We have added many-many new features this year. A lot of features that our more sophisticated users have been asking for. We will be posting those new features here soon. 07/21/2018
There is now a third sales screen. This screen has been designed to run on the new larger displays. It was designed for a 1200 by 900 screen. It also has an editable grid for quantity, pricing, and discounting. These features will correspond to your level of security. View New Screen 05/05/2017
When using the credit card processing routines, 8 weeks of XML data can be saved to verify any discrepancies that may occur in credit card processing. This is a great backup to any questionable accounts that may occur. 05/05/2017
You can now save an invoice and in the invoice screen, enter the invoice number at a later time and it will pull up the saved invoice. 01/16/2017
You can now select if you want to approve a partial authorization on a credit card or require the full amount for an approval. 01/16/2017

Below Features Have Been Released in Our Version 15.00 - November 2016

We have added additional Pin Pads and Pin Pads that accept signature to our Point of Sale. November 2016
Many other new features to numerous to list here.

Below Features Have Been Released in Our Version 14.15 - April 2015

When changing the Description of an item in the inventory screen, if your cursor goes to the barcode field, you get a warning you are about to change the barcode field. This warning does NOT pop open when setting up a new item. November 2015
You can now have a separate machine for just taking Food Stamps but still run your credit cards through our POS. November 2015
WIC support is now Included for those stores that take WIC November 2015
Support for T-Flex Coin Changer - This unit allows the coin change to be automatically dispersed. For more information - Crane Payment Solutions November 2015
New Inventory Summary Report - Can be created automatically at the end of the month and saved for future use. November 2015
New EMV Chip in the Card support now is available. October 2015
You can do a manual entry of the credit card information now on a customer payment on account April 2015
New report to help calculate any cost with running the Rocket Cloud. April 2015
Tried, Tested and Certified as working flawlessly on the new Windows 10 April 2015
When receiving on a PO, each station knows that PO is currently being worked on. April 2015
Tweaked area of making a customer payment from the Invoicing Screen where it would skip an invoice number when returning to the Invoicing Screen. March 2015
Age verification on selling items to minors or under age customers now checks to see if the Drivers License has expired. An expired driver's license is NOT a valid form of age identification in most states. March 2015
You now have the option to have the POS ask you if you want to delete old Hold Invoices instead of the POS automatically deleting Holds March 2015
Inventory Value report now can be grouped by Departments with a sub-total per department. March 2015
Secondary Customer Display screen will now only let you run one copy of it per station - avoiding running multiple copies accidentally. March 2015
New Report - Clerk Sales Summary report February 2015
New Report Feature - Behind the Scenes report - anyone selling at a negative quantity or price. February 2015
Totally new Credit Card Routines - Gone is pcCharge, Yea!!! New support for the new EMV type Pin Pads, signature capture built in and many more new exciting features. Total PCI compliance as well as a more secure Credit Card processing environment to protect you against lawsuits. January 2015
A new report has been added to the Inventory screen under the History Tab. It lets you see in detail or summary, everyone that purchased a certain item, how many where purchased, your cost and profit. This report is date range filtered, like most reports in this Rocket Point of Sale. January 2015
Overall programming language has updated to much faster version. All actions are now close to instantaneous and the entire Rocket POS software package has been designed to run on ALL of the latest versions of MS-Windows to include Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and future Windows releases. January 2015
New report on the customer screen. With the click of a button, you can open a window that gives you several options to see how much a certain customer has spent. You can do a Summary report as well as two different types of detailed reports with several filters. January 2015
Secondary Display screen speed has been increased. January 2015
New Not Found warning screen pops open in the sales screen to better alert the clerk an item was not found January 2015
New report you can set a level and it will print everything with a Qty On Hand equal or below that level, shows last sale and last received. January 2015
If selling under 18 or 21, you now have the option if the Drivers License scan window opens. January 2015
If Media Slot in Cash Drawer, it will not pop open when a credit card is tendered. January 2015
Barcode Click Button to bring up barcode routine from the pricing screen in the inventory screen January 2015
Non-PO can now attach a Vendor Invoice number to it for printing and reprinting January 2015
Re-Order Analysis report can now be sorted and grouped by Departments January 2015
Can now add barcodes for printing on the fly from the inventory screen and the PO Receive screen as well as the NON-PO screen January 2015
On the Purchase Order and Re-Print Purchase Orders screen you have more options on how to output the printout of the Purchase Order. Straight to printer, screen, PDF, ASCII Text file or an Excel file. January 2015
Zip Code Demographics Report Enhanced January 2015
Inventory by Vendor report enhanced January 2015
Adjustment to Inventory report enhanced January 2015
Mix and Match enhanced January 2015

Below Features Were Released in Our Version 12 - April 2013

Report Items Sold by a Clerk has been enhanced to include customer information. April 2013
Report Negative Balance report now ONLY includes items and not services. April 2013
Cell Phone Billing - Allows you to bill customers for cell phone calls received and placed by you. - See Details April 2013
A Note can be flagged to pop up during invoice to remind you to add a comment on this line item. April 2013
The Pro-Invoice screen can now display 55 buttons on a larger screen format such as VGA and XVGA - See Example and Instructions April 2013
Tweaked the Balance Due field on a Returned Invoice  April 2013
Added a button to the Tender screen for giving cash back to a customer on a debit card. Must be using Mercury for this feature.  April 2013
When clicking the Returns button - it now lets you scan the barcode from an Invoice to load the return screen and you can delete off those items not be returned  April 2013
Shipping Button added to the Pro-Invoice Screen  April 2013
New  Explode button on invoice screen to Expand the Sales Grid to full screen size. - See Details April 2013
Full new Email functionality added to the Point of Sale - Also now allows sending of HTML code in your Emails as well as customer selectable parameters with a full history of all emails sent out.  April 2013
New routine added to allow full Texting to your customers - See Details April 2013

Above Features Were Released in Our Version 12 - April 2013

The standard 80 column printed receipt has been changed to not form feed until the invoice form is filled more completely. 09/20/2012
The COD button is now available and can be blocked if necessary. 09/20/2012
When adding a customer on the fly from the invoice screen you can now also enter their fax number 09/20/2012
Added a History button to see a Customer's Purchase History during Invoicing. 09/20/2012
The Simple Log report has been enhanced so you can pick all invoices for all customers or just one customer. A sort order was also added to the report. 09/20/2012
Can now enter Food Stamp or EBT amount if not using a Credit Card Processor 09/20/2012
The Mercury Credit Card void on a Invoice Void now processes the credit card back. 09/20/2012
Customer Template can now be set to add Loyalty Points to a new customer as a default. 09/20/2012
The Billing (Loans) button is now available and can be blocked if necessary. 09/20/2012
Emailed invoice copy matches the printed copy. (PDF also) 09/20/2012
Tweaked the EBT / Food Stamp routines 09/20/2012
Blocked the Charge to a Cash Customer, Charging no longer allowed to a CASH customer. 05/24/2012
New SQL-Multi Store Enhancements - Works with Version 11 ONLY All reports now have Vendor Part# on line items. Can now change Departments and Categories on Inventory. New Inventory Activity report - many new fields plus groups by vendor and sub-groups by SKU so you can see the difference in each store. In-Active checkbox added to Inventory. Can now add a vendor at Home Office and it filters out to all stores. Can now reprint a PO at the Home Office for receiving purposes. Alphabetized drop downs. Can search on vendor re-order #s. Can search POs by PO # now and bring it up on screen. 05/08/2012
Barcode added to Invoices printout for easy searching using a scanner. 05/08/2012
Mercury returns have been tweaked. 05/08/2012
Admin password can now be used to override lower settings 05/08/2012
A Tips and Adjustment routine added to the standard Mercury processing within the Pro-Invoice screen- Need NOT be in Tips mode How To Do It 05/08/2012
New routine added to Tender screen to keep clerk from getting ahead of keystrokes when a credit card is denied. 05/08/2012
Simple Log report tweaked to accept new fields. 05/08/2012
Total field enlarged on Serialized by Vendor report. 05/08/2012
Voiding an Invoice now when using Mercury will reverse the Credit Card charge when it can. 05/08/2012
Tweaked Table # shows on Tips ticket as well as the Pre-Auth approval code. 01/26/2012
If you're using Mercury, you can now do a Pre-Auth on a saved invoice. 01/01/2012
Standard Invoice, Touch Invoice and Key Invoice screens removed - the Pro-Invoice screen has been enhanced with the previous screen's functionalities. 01/01/2012
Item counter on Pro-Invoice screen now shows whole figures and not partials 01/01/2012
Integrated new Mercury Routines - Mercury Support of Ingenico i3070 and MAGTEK iPad credit card scanner 01/01/2012
Removed block on split tenders on credit card if signed on as a Clerk 01/01/2012
Modified Time Clock so clerks can't change the time. 01/01/2012
Added the User Defined Tender type to the Daily Snap Shot screen. 01/01/2012
Enhanced the Service Orders routine as well as added a Open Service Orders report. 01/01/2012
When NOT using a credit card processor - you can now select a CC from a list when tendering using the Pro-Invoice screen. 01/01/2012
Table service variables all clear now after a transaction. 01/01/2012
If CC gets a bad scan - can scan again without backing out of Invoice. 01/01/2012
New HandHeld fix to work better with latest version of the Rocket POS - DOWNLOAD-HERE 01/01/2012
If CC an Invoice through email system, will not do with a CASH customer. 01/01/2012
Added a new feature to the Pro-Invoice screen - if you setup a SKU called TICNAMEDELV - ability to add a name to tickets or invoice  and Kitchen Printer and/or a delivery address to the ticket or invoice - kitchen printer 01/01/2012
Tweaked credit card totals routine. 01/01/2012
If a Large Tender Amount shows up in the Pro-Invoice tender screen - a warning is shown to the clerk 01/01/2012
Fixed the Unlock routine for the Check Casher Module 01/01/2012
If using EBT - Can now pop open a window in the Pro-Invoice screen to see only those items on the ticket that are EBT items. 01/01/2012
Tweaked customer payments from Pro-Invoice screen 01/01/2012
Double Redundancy added to Invoice line creation during processing of invoices 01/01/2012
Fix problem with tendering credit card - 01/01/2012
Print the last four of the credit card on receipt using Mercury 01/01/2012
Added AUTO to run dbcMake.exe automatically from an external file such as an automated batch file. Just add the word AUTO to your run command after a space. 01/01/2012
Tweaked the Tips Mode and Tweaked Again 01/01/2012
Put an Amount Verify in credit card approval amounts 01/01/2012
Email customer Statements. 01/01/2012
Right Click on Item Description on the Pro-Invoice screen shows the inventory Snap-Shot with the multiple pricing. 01/01/2012
Inventory Edit Grid 01/01/2012
Tweaked problem with Credit Card button on Tendering Screen 01/27/2011
Mercury Last 4 Card Information prints on receipts 12/24/2010
Tweaked the Tips Mode 08/19/2010
Added AUTO to run dbcMake.exe automatically from an external file such as an automated batch file. Just add the word AUTO to your run command after a space. 08/13/2010
Added new Mercury PCI screen to Customer Payments on Account 07/31/2010
Fixed problem with Mix and Match if you have your system set to NOT group items on the Pro-Invoice screen. 07/31/2010
Added new report, Invoice Log (Simple) - this report is a condensed version of the Invoice Log. 07/23/2010
Tweaked changing the Admin Password 07/21/2010
Turned Log-Out timer off while doing a Purchase Order 07/21/2010
Tweaked the Secondary Screen routine 06/21/2010
PA-DSS PCI Compliance for Visa / Master Card / American Express - both Mercury and pcCharge Ver. 10
In the Pro-Invoice screen tender, you can turn off the second credit card, Travel Checks, Coupons, Gift Card, Charge and Pre-Paid buttons, When turned off they do not show on screen. Any one or all can be turned on or off. Ver. 10
The Sales History screen now has a Next / Previous button for scrolling through the History without exiting the screen. Ver. 10
The Purchase Order screen now shows your current Quantity On Hand for better decision making when ordering inventory. Ver. 10
Customer Loyalty points now flows out and back to all stores using the SQL Ver. 10
Changed the format of the report called Inventory with Qty on Hand Ver. 10
Searches, both customer and inventory can now be search with a touch screen keyboard. Ver. 10
Cash drawer will now pop open from the Paid-Out screen Ver. 10
Debit/Credit signature line is now suppressed when a debit card is done alone. Ver. 10
Secondary Customer display screen has been tweaked to not show a reprinted receipt on it but to keep the current receipt information on it. Ver. 10
Added line; Your Discount This Sale: THE AMOUNT to invoices. Ver. 10
Added new supported processors to the pcCharge drop down. Ver. 10
Two new reports added - Low Level with History and Inventory by Vendor with History Ver. 10
A new field, SPIFF, was added to Clerk's screen for tracking SPIFFS. A new SPIFFS report also added. Ver. 10
Invoice Log Report now shows VOIDED invoices Ver. 10
The User defined tender field now supports a decimal place. Ver. 10
Hand entering a pcCharge Credit Card 1 field expiration date was tweaked. Ver. 10
A new Sales History screen from a button on inventory screen has more information on it now. This includes Previous three months and more. Ver. 10
The POS now supports manufacturers coupons and other small improvements - Also integrates better with the SQL Home Office software. 06/08/2009
SQL - Home Office has been improved - more reports - easier to add inventory and now supports adding Units of Measures at the Home Office as well as managing Clerks from the Home Office - MUST USE POS Version 9.0R or greater. 06/08/2009
If an item is scanned and a similar item is on the invoice screen, the quantity count will be increased rather than a new line item added to the invoice. Exceptions are an item price was edited, serialized items, gift cards, open departments, comments, unit of measures, kits, price-break items, matrix items, service items. This is a slick new feature that will help to save you receipt paper. 12/29/2008
In the inventory Update Routine, the fields Manager, ManagerFrom and ManagerTo have been added for updating Manager's Specials 12/17/2008
When adding a customer from the invoicing screen, additional fields, Contact and Heard About have been added. 12/17/2008
When a salesperson is assigned to a certain type of invoicing screen, all other invoicing screens are now removed from the menu list. 12/17/2008
The Auto-Email of PDF reports has been enhanced to optionally allow Excel CSV files to be created and emailed as part of the End-Of-Day reporting. 12/17/2008
New OCXs added to POS install routine in order to support the latest version of pcCharge 11/19/2008
Pole display now shows a NO SALE when cash drawer popped without doing a sale - Makes it easier to search film if videoing transactions 11/19/2008
Cloning an Invoice from Customer screen has been enhanced 11/19/2008
Aging button added to the Customer screen - on the Aging Page 11/19/2008
Improved the way Mercury credit cards are processed. 11/12/2008
Added number touch pad to Mercury Credit Card Screens 11/06/2008
Tweaked the Exploding Kits printout on receipts when reprinting an invoice. 10/22/2008
You can now setup to 4 buttons on the Pro-Invoice screen to run 4 different external commands or custom programs. 10/22/2008
Full Customer Loyalty Program Added to the POS 10/22/2008
A User-Defined tender type added to the Pro-Invoice screen Tender Screen. 10/22/2008
When Auto-Select Tender type is turned on, backing out of Credit Card tender now allows other tendering types. 10/22/2008
A HOLD invoice now honors the single line delete rule. 10/22/2008
Startup position of the program can be changed if moved from one computer to another 09/11/2008
New Credit Card Void feature added to Mercury 09/11/2008
Enhanced the Customer Mailing report / CSV output by sorting on Contact and adding email to the Excel output 09/11/2008
Support for Topaz Signature Capture Pad 09/11/2008
Easy Internet Posting (one click) of your Inventory to the World Wide Web for resale. 09/11/2008
The Inventory Activity report can now be filtered by Taxable sales, Non-Taxable sales or Both. 09/11/2008
Entering an In-Active item into the Non-PO Receive screen will now give you a notice that the item is In-Active. 09/11/2008
In-Active Items Report added to the POS 09/11/2008
Vendor Part Number is now blank when "Cloning" an inventory item. 04/17/2008
Can now add a separate sound file for Under-Age checking 04/15/2008
If in Tips Mode - the Qty and SKU does NOT printout on the Alternate Printer 03/07/2008
There is now a pop-up window to select an invoice to apply a return on a customer's charge account. 03/05/2008
You can now reverse an accidental aging over-charge posting 03/05/2008
The Restaurant Tips mode has been enhanced with the new Credit Card requirements from Visa, MC and AMEX. 03/05/2008
A counter for Item count added to invoice printout 03/03/2008
Mix and Match routine has been enhanced. 03/03/2008
Inventory Vendor field added to Fuzzy Search routine. 03/03/2008
You can now select the Inventory Photo within the Quick-Add screen. 03/03/2008
Mercury VeriFone 1000se is now supported through the Standard Invoicing screen tenders. 02/26/2008
Customer Payments screen tweaked on the Standard Invoicing screen. 02/26/2008
You can now clone a Station settings to another Station. 02/25/2008
Within the invoice printing, they EBT function has been enhanced if you are using EBT 02/20/2008
The reprint of an invoice enhanced and editing of an item from within the invoice screen now honors the new tax tables if they are setup 02/22/2008
Ctrl + F9 will now show the tax breakout within the invoice screen. 02/20/2008
Tweaked some behind the scenes ways the invoice internals are handled. Greater reliability of doing saved invoices and some other data reloads. Tax tables now also honor the Never Round function. 02/19/2008
Enhanced the Tax Table function to now include five different tax levels 02/15/2008
Billing Statement area enhanced 02/15/2008
Enhanced the Pro-Invoice screen Secondary screens when doing multiple items on one screen level 02/15/2008
When clicking the Second Credit Card button - the POS now ask if you're doing a Credit Card or Debit Card 02/12/2008
More pcCharge Pin Pads supported 02/12/2008
Customers Who Bought One report has been enhanced 02/04/2008
The Emailed invoice now has the Credit Card expiration data removed like all the rest of the invoices within the POS 02/04/2008
Put a Print button on all the Notes fields found within the POS - example; customer notes, inventory, etc. 02/04/2008
Made the default output for printer an option instead of automatically to PDF when the PDF option is setup 02/04/2008
Inventory Value report can now filter out all Zero (0) quantity items. 02/04/2008
Selling an Open Department item will not pop open the Back-Order screen when the Qty On Hand level is zero or below. 02/04/2008
The clerk that starts a Purchase Order as well as the clerk that receives in a PO will now show in the PO history popup. 02/04/2008
Customer Returns screen has been enhanced. 02/04/2008
Inventory Import routine now writes out exceptions as a DBF and a CSV file so the data can be manipulated and then it and then re-import it again. 02/04/2008
You can now set the width of the pole display for more accurate showing of your company name. 02/04/2008
You can click a checkbox in the PO and set the order grid to a natural Entered order instead of by SKU order. 02/04/2008
When applying a discount (CTRL+F5), the cursor now jumps to the discount field on screen entry. 02/04/2008
New Customer Flag screen enhanced. 02/04/2008
A routine has been added to strip extra commas and quote marks out of the description when doing an inventory export. 02/04/2008
You can now set the order of the export of data from the inventory file. 02/04/2008
The Inventory Update screen has been improved. 02/04/2008
When entering a decimal place on secondary screen and pop it on the pro-invoice screen the decimal place is now honored. 02/04/2008
The Variance screen and variance report has been greatly enhanced. 02/04/2008
A Discretionary Sales Surtax option has been added to the level three (3) type of customer tax. This allows setting a maximum for Surtax levels to tax. 02/04/2008
The Inventory Value report now has the ability to filter out items with no quantities on hand. 01/03/2008
Double-Verify data returned from Credit Card processor is accurate and matches the amount sent in for approval. 01/03/2008
Remove Credit Card expiration date from all receipts. 01/03/2008
Added a Results Counter to the Fuzzy Search routine. 01/03/2008
Modified installation and setup routines to handle loading and reliable operation on Microsoft Windows Vista 11/09/2007
The printing of the SKU field on a Purchase Order has been expanded to show any long SKUs from the inventory screen. 12/13/2007
Can now print a Gift Receipt as well as Re-Print a Gift Receipt. 12/14/2007
New Report - Credit Card Detail report with a date range. 12/19/2007
Be able to show broken out taxes on receipts for customers 12/19/2007
Can now delete a Vendor from the system. 12/17/2007
The Gift Card (non-mercury) on the Standard invoice screen will now search the Multi-store for a gift card from another store 12/14/2007
When signing into the POS and entering your starting cash values, a button has been added that will allow you to pop open the cash drawer if you have the correct rights. 12/14/2007
When scanning a serialized gift card in the Pro-Invoice screen and if the gift card was previously sold, a message box pops open to let you know that gift card has already been sold. 12/14/2007
Added 2 new reports - Serial numbers associated with one item that have been sold within a date range. 2nd Report - All Serial numbers sold within a date range. 12/12/2007
Fixed problem with Credit Card1 not filling in the Expiration Date if using a VeriFone 1000se and Mercury 12/06/2007
Inventory Invoicing Discounter Tweaked 12/05/2007
Next and Previous buttons have been added to the Invoice Line Item Notes to scroll through the notes. When scrolling the new routine will stop on only those notes with a comment within it. When exiting the notes, you will be placed upon the invoice the notes apply too. 12/14/2007
The Pop-Up paste option previously available on the customer screen is now available on the Vendor and Salesperson screens. 12/05/2007
An Email field has been added to the Salesperson screen. 12/05/2007
Added Coupon tenders to 40 column Graphical Receipt 12/05/2007
You can email customers, salespeople and vendors directly from the POS now. 12/05/2007
When invoices are put on Hold and then taken back off of Hold, you cannot delete line items unless you are a manager. 12/05/2007
An Email Test button was added to the Company Setup Screen 12/05/2007
Special Orders Transaction closing problem corrected. 12/04/2007
Integration of VeriFone 1000se with Mercury Payments 11/09/2007
New install routine - more reliable and easier to use 11/09/2007
Setup an Automatic Super End of Day report that will output selected reports to PDF files. Then at a certain time you pre-define, these files are automatically emailed to an email that you pre-assigned. 11/20/2007
All reports can now be sent out to PDF file format. 11/14/2007
Food stamp tenders will default to the amount of food stamp sale amount 11/09/2007
Gift Cards with Mercury Processing - You must use the Pro-Invoice screen and you can order Gift Cards directly from Mercury. 11/26/2007
When in Return mode, will be able to exit the Credit Card tender screen and return back to the invoice screen without having to process the credit card first. 11/15/2007
RA's per customer report with a date range 01/15/2008
Ability to setup a second invoice (text style) to automatically print to a different port for camera or recording device. 01/15/2008
Billing statements will be changed to include open invoices before the actual due date 12/19/2007
Add a date filter to the Customer Refund Log report 11/09/2007
Add the Selling Below Cost report to the Super End of Day and PDF Email report features 11/15/2007
Security settings from one clerk can now be cloned over to another clerk - this makes it easy to setup the clerks rights from another existing clerk. 11/12/2007
When using the Pro-Invoice screen - if you pull up another customer besides CASH and that customer has a Saved invoice or Quote on file, the system will ask if you want to see this customers Open invoices 11/09/2007
Add a date of check printing to the Checks Printed report 11/09/2007
If clicking Credit Card 1 and not using a processor, you will be able to return to the sales screen to add additional items. 11/09/2007
Clerk can now change their password without having access to the Salesperson menu selection area 11/09/2007
When selling a Matrix item, the size and color will be added to the notes section of the line item detail for easy lookup on the customer screen 11/09/2007
Matrix item quantities can now be manual adjusted through a grid on the Matrix screen. This helps speed the entry or adjustments of the quantities on hand field. A history record is created of any adjustments through the Matrix grid. 11/14/2007
When doing a Matrix item on a Purchase Order - once you enter the Matrix Base number - a window pops open to allow you to enter the quantities to order within a grid. This then carried over onto the PO when the window is closed. 11/28/2007
Enlarged the Notes field screen on the customer screen when right clicking on a line item. Also enlarged the Notes field screen on the line items notes within the invoicing screen. 11/09/2007
When doing an override on a charge account - if required - a manager must enter in his code before the credit limit can be overridden. 11/12/2007
When doing a credit card return - if you do a miss scan - the ability to retry your scan or back out of the screen 11/12/2007
Multiple Instances of the POS is now blocked from running on the same computer at the same time. 11/12/2007
If no entry is made in the Customer Search screen the search will now default to the CASH customer 11/09/2007
The Check Writing search routine now opens in Company Name order for easier searching. A button has also been added to the Checks search routine to find any un-printed checks. This aids in finding the first check to print without knowing the Company name. 11/15/2007
You can now set a timer to determine how many seconds the Make Change screen stays open after a sale. 11/15/2207
If using pcCharge, debit transactions now show up within the Daily Money reports 11/15/2007
If entering the Stations screen, warning to Re-enter the POS will only show if you actually make a change to any field. 11/15/2007
Other small tweaks and adjustments to numerous to mention will also be included as they are done. 11/09/2007
Send us ideas if you have them - we will try our best to incorporate them if they are valid.
Features from Previous Versions you May have Missed