Below are listed some software add-ons to enhance the Rocket Point of Sale. These Add-ons can extend the use of the POS and make managing and running your business much more smoother and efficient.

A brief description and a few of the major screens are shown below. Although these Add-ons are sold at an additional cost above and beyond the POS, you will find they are worth it. If you have any questions about these add-ons, please contact your dealer or, Inc.

You may download the manuals for each of the Add-ons shown below for more in-depth descriptions of the functionalities of each program.

*Screen shots below are not shown to scale but have been resized for display on this website.

FREE  Secondary Customer Display (software only) 

If you are using the latest version of Windows such as Windows XP, Vista or greater, it now supports multiple monitors on one computer. The Point of Sale can now have one monitor facing the customer and one monitor facing the clerk with the the invoicing screen facing your clerk.


* This Secondary monitor will scroll advertisements you have previously setup to include JPG and GIF files as well as animated files. By setting timers you can determine how long an ad appears and you can also tie a specific ad to certain inventory items. You have the ability to set different dates for different ads to show. Your receipt shows once it is started for the customer and when a specific item is scanned, the tied ad comes up to remind the customer to purchase other items associated with the original item purchased. This is great for UP-SELLING.

Colors, wording, backgrounds and much more are all definable within an easy setup screen by you, the store owner.

FREE  Auto-Backup –

This is a routine for doing automatic back-ups across a network so if your server goes down, you may jump onto a work station and continue to do sales.

This program runs in the background and can be setup to start automatically when you turn on your computer.

You can set a timer on how often you want the routine to copy any changed data from your server to an outlying work station.

Paths are set by a Point-And-Click buttons.


Auto Backup Screen

Time Clock –

Although a Time Clock is built into the POS at no extra charge, you may have employees you don’t want to have access to the POS.

Our Remote Time Clock allows employees to sign-in, take breaks, take lunch, and sign-out without ever having access to the POS.

Full reporting is built into the POS for tracking all employees as well as an exporting function for importing into a time management software.

(Images shown not to scale)


Time Clock 2

Check Casher –

Check Cashing is a very popular service supplied by many retail business today. By using our Check Cashing routine, you can cash checks for your customers, check their past check cashing history and verify it is a legal check.

You set the fee amount you want to charge a customer for cashing their check.

Check cashing is all done from the POS invoicing screen and you do not have to exit the program or switch to another program to cash a check. An invoice is generated for the customer automatically reflecting the charge for cashing their check.

(Images shown not to scale)


Check Casher Screen 1
Check Casher Screen 2