Our Software Uses the Latest Technology

We are using the latest technology put out by Microsoft so that you have no worries about future upgrades and that the Rocket Point of Sale is compatible with all of the current versions of MS-Windows as well as all versions of MS-Windows in the foreseeable future.

We still continue to use the same date file structures, as based on the MS-SQL design architecture, since we feel these are the fastest and most reliable data structure routines available on any system. Once again, Rocket Point of Sale is the leader in the fastest and the most reliable Point of Sale found on the market today.

Your computer MUST have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package installed on it to run the new Version 14 Rocket Point of Sale. Download C++ Package Here. Our new Version 14 also requires the installation of Microsoft .NET – Download .NET Here

Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft Visual C++

Computer Nerd

You're Not a Computer Nerd?

Not to worry, most modern computers come with these downloads already installed!

You will only need to download and install on older computers such as XP. When doing your upgrade, we will help you to install these routines over the dial-up if needed.