Rocket Point of Sale – The World’s best MS-Windows based Point of Sale Software package on the market today. From the easy to use Touch-Screen interface as well as the end-user configurable layouts and functionality.

If you own a Retail store, Wholesale business or other type of business where tracking customers, inventory, vendors and purchase orders are important, you have found the right software.

Used by Literally Thousands of Retail Stores all Across the Country 

NEW FEATURE (July 2021)– If you take Credit Cards through ROCKET Point of Sale, you can now automatically pass the service charge on to your customer. This will save you your credit card fees each month. Contact your dealer or Rocket Point Of Sale.

Another New Recent Feature : We now have a built in Up Load and Down Load module in our Point of Sale to allow you to send data and receive data from Shopify. Easy to use, easy to run key reports.  Now with the Rocket Point of Sale, you can be tracking your Shopify Shopping Cart sales as well as your Point of Sale sales. Up Loading your inventory for use in your Shopping Cart is so much easier using the POS interface. The time savings is immeasurable. You can see your Daily Money report per the POS, or Shopping Cart or both combined into one report. Please contact your dealer or email us at Rocket Point of Sale. Your dealer or our helpful staff at Rocket POS can also help you get up and running and/or maintaining your Shopify online store.

New Install Routine for the POS


Shopify Help Info – Email Us at :

Video on new Shopping Cart Interface

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Shopify is one of the leading preconfigured and popular online shopping cart for retailers and wholesalers. Easy to use and easy to maintain with our POS module.

Please be patient when contacting us. We have had a tremendous response to this new feature.

In 1997, Rocket Point of Sale was initially designed, from scratch, to run on Microsoft Windows. Over the years, upgrades, and new enhanced features as well as unsurpassed reliability, has reached the heights you would expect from a full-featured state-of-the-art mature product. We continue to add new and exciting features through the years as our end-users supply us with ideas.

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Windows 10 Compatible

Windows 10 Compatible
Certified Windows 10 Compatible Point of Sale System

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All About the New EMV Requirements
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