Private Labeling – by private labeling our Point of Sale software with your company information, ALL references to Rocket POS, our website and, Inc. are removed from our software and replaced with your information. You can then demo the POS to your customers, leave copies with your customers, etc., and know they are not going to go out on the internet and attempt to find a better price for the same software package somewhere else.
We have quite a few customers (our dealers) that have private labeled and they have seen a tremendous increase in their business since their customers think the POS software package is something created just for them and they ARE the local guys. This creates major brand loyalty with your customers.

We charge a one time fee of $100.00 to private label our POS software with your information. We will need from you a copy of your logo (or we can make you one) and what name you want the POS known as and what color do you want as background colors on the setup screens and main screen within the POS. The changes we make affect the install routine as well as the software. The ONLY place that is not changed is our copyright notice within the dbcMake sign-on screen (which nobody reads anyway). This notice only shows once during the initial setup and unlock procedure.

When we post a new version or updates on our website, we will also send you a link to the latest version as an install ready for you to use, sell and demo. Just copy to your CD and start selling and demoing.

By replacing one key file (which only we can do), your company information overwrites all of ours. You will be running the EXACT same POS software as we are but with ONLY our company information replaced with yours.

By private labeling the software with your company information, this gives you the right to ONLY demo, list on your website for downloads and sell the POS software. This is NOT any kind of transference of copyright or ownership from, Inc. or its officers. This is a marketing tool ONLY. You will still have to purchase your unlocks from us as always.