Get a Free New Car!

Imagine having a new car like the one above for free! Here’s how it can happen…

If you have an existing or a new customer using our Rocket Point of Sale software and they are accepting credit cards, switch them to the Mercury or Sterling Processing credit card processor.

We have made special arrangements with Mercury Payment Systems (Vantiv) and Sterling processing to match (in most cases) any rate your POS customer is now receiving. Your customer gets to keep their existing bank account and no upgrade in the Point of Sale software is needed.

By switching your existing or any new customer to Mercury Processing or Sterling, each month, you will receive 25% of the processing profit on EACH transaction. (The Processor keeps 50% and we split the remaining 50% which gives you your 25%). The average amount you make on each client you setup is typically between $40.00 to $50.00 per month. With just 10 clients using our Point of Sale system interfaced with Mercury Payment Systems or Sterling, you could easily afford the above car.

Most processors will only pay 2% to 5% on the profit to dealers for a transaction through their system. We have one dealer that is getting an average of $200.00 a month from just one client. He has several clients signed up through our special arraignment with Mercury Payments Systems and Sterling and gets enough royalties to pay for the new car shown above and his NEW HOME. This does NOT cost your client any more money than they are already spending on their current processing fees!!!

Checks are paid to you once a month directly from Mercury Payment Systems or Sterling. You can only take advantage of this special offer through, Inc.

Email or Fax us on your letterhead the following customer information to sign up your customer with Mercury Processing;

  • Customer’s Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Are they currently using a credit card processor
  • Years in business
  • Average gross credit card sales per month. Official Mercury Application Form

We will turn this information into Mercury Processing and all you have to do is wait for your monthly check.

Mercury Payment Systems is one of the largest and most recognized credit card processing companies in the world. Don’t miss this easy opportunity to make FREE MONEY. Call or email for any further information.

Your customer will need a constant internet connection to use the Mercury Processing System. Even using a dial-up modem, the return approval is typically only a few seconds versus, 15 to 25 seconds using other processing software.

A Mercury or Sterling Unlock code will be needed from us to activate the Mercury system within the Point of Sale. If you go through, Inc., this unlock code is free.

To obtain a Mercury or Sterling Unlock code without going through, Inc., there will be a substantial associated unlock fee.