Information and Frequently Asked Questions about the Rocket Point of Sales Cloud, Why to Use it and How to Use it.

The term The Cloud was coined a few years ago to give folks a handy concept of what it means when they send their data out in cyberspace. Where does it go? It goes into The Cloud. The Cloud is essentially a SQL-Server somewhere out there on the internet. An SQL-Server is the fastest and most secure place for storing data used by all governments and businesses. The four big boys on the block, as far as SQL-Servers (database engines) are, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and MySQL. MySQL is the database engine used by the largest majority of businesses including Google.

After an extensive search for the absolute best database engine, we decided on using MySQL. Our hosting is with GoDaddy, a premier hosting company, on our own private internet servers maintained by GoDaddy. This hosting and maintenance protocol is the absolutely the most reliable and secure in the business.

Security is always the biggest concern when your data goes to the The Cloud. There are many levels of security in our Cloud service, both on the servers and through safeguards we have made in the Rocket Point of Sale. Your data is kept separate from any other store that may be using our Cloud.

The Rocket POS you use at your store is still a piece of software, as it always has been, that works maintaining its own data internally. The Cloud is an adjunct to your business totally separate from the store copy of the Rocket POS. You can run your store without the Cloud, but you cannot use the Cloud without the Point of Sale. If you decide to use the Rocket POS Cloud, through different settings that you make in the store POS, your POS data will flow up to the Cloud.

Once your data is securely on the Cloud, you can run various reports, you can add/edit/delete many of the key POS features, such as Inventory, Vendors, Customers, Clerks and much more. This can all be done from anywhere you can access the internet, your computer at home, an iPad, smart phone, or any other internet capable device, from anywhere in the world. This data then flows back down to your POS, updating the files back in your store.

Many of the reports can be run per store or may be combined into a report that includes all stores. For example, in the Daily Money Report, you can see what each store has done in sales or combine the report for a company wide report. It is the same with Inventory, Customers, Vendors, edit or add one, you can say it goes to a particular store or all stores.

Yes, we will keep adding features and reports to our Cloud software and interface. Many of the existing main key features and reports are there now but it is not, nor maybe ever, completely be done since we will always be expanding the Cloud capabilities. The nice thing is, when you log onto the Cloud, any new feature will be there waiting for you, easy to use and very secure.
As any internet type of system, the Cloud is at the mercy of several non-controllable events. We have taken the utmost care to ensure our Rocket Cloud has the most reliability and security of any system on the market. We promise an up-time of at least 99% of the time. There may be late evening/early morning times during maintenance or updates that the service is suspended. These outages usually only last a few minutes since everything is automated and very fast. Speed of access to the Rocket Cloud is dependent on your internet speed. Our servers are on the fastest internet connections available.
We want our customers to give us feed back and new ideas. Please email us with these ideas and we will try to get them on the Cloud as fast as possible.
Once again you are correct in your assumption. For us at Rocket Point of Sale, when we rent Cloud space (for no better term) from GoDaddy and paying for server maintenance, it is very expensive. Many internet service providers charge by the minute they are so expensive. Service providers, like Google, Microsoft, and GoDaddy, analyze how much data that written to and read off of their servers, how long you are connected to their servers, even in milliseconds, they add it all up and send you a hefty bill, usually in the thousands per month. So we have tried to come up with a fair price for the space and time used by you. See our prices on the pricing page for our most current pricing schedule.

Once You Start Using the Rocket Cloud, You Will Wonder How You Ever Managed to Survive Without it.

This will be a game changer for your business model. You’ll be one step ahead of your competition and your life as an owner will be more enjoyable by using the Cloud features from any desired location you could want. You will not be chained to your store any longer.

Below we are listing Cloud features finished and features still being completed. Not all planned features are on this list, but the ones getting the most attention right now are listed below.

Completed Cloud Features and Reports

Inventory Add / Edit / Delete
Customer Add / Edit / Delete
Vendor Add / Edit / Delete
Daily Money Report
Inventory Activity Report

Z-Readings Per Station Report
Credit Card Breakout Report
Irregularities Report
Items Sold Below Cost Report
Purchase Orders and Receiving

Sales Screen (Remote and Local)

Many more features and reports are in the planning and design stage.
(Feel free to email us with any ideas or fixes needed on our Cloud)

Below we will be showing you screen shots of the Cloud settings in the Point of Sale and how to use the Cloud from the Rocket Point of Sale. Below that, we will show several screen shots of the Cloud in action. Soon we will have a Videos and a Demo version and video of the Cloud.

Accessing the Cloud Settings and Features